Welcome to our authentic Chinese restaurant

We are located at 2-214 Railway Ave, Cremona, Alberta. 45 Minutes of drive from Calgary (North west)

Our phone number is (403) 637-2161, you can call for taking out.

Our Business hours are: Tuesday through Sunday, 11:30am to 8:00pm.

We've got a new dish added to our menu: a combination of Chinese fresh chicken finger, steamed vegitable and steamed rice, for only $12.95. 

Please note, as the overall food price increasing worldwide, the cost for our restaurant has been rising up sharply. We are trying our best not to increase our price, but when the pressure reaches a certain point, we have to do so in order to remain in business. Thank you for your understanding.

Please check out our food menu:

For your family needs, please see our Special Combination

Besides Chinese food, we also serve Western Menu

Always thinking about your health, we are proud to declare that we do not add MSG to our menu. And, we do not use any meat tenderizer in our cooking.

Very often we have special promotions, please chech out our promotion items regualrly.

It is very appreciated if you can take a moment to write some feedback for our restaurant. Our email address is: josephshi1963@gmail.com